What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of the word Vulnerability? Many people associate vulnerability with feelings of fear, uncertainty or shame. Think of a situation where you try something new for example. That can be nerve-wracking. The same for saying I love you to someone for the first time or opening up and sharing your feelings and thoughts. Being vulnerable comes with the possibility of rejection and failure and because of this, we may try to avoid being vulnerable. Welcoming vulnerability in our lives however will allow us to live a more fulfilled life. It is the birthplace for joy, creativity, authenticity and love. It is about letting your guards down and being who you truly are.

This is why we believe that Vulnerability is a strength:

  • With vulnerability you can be your authentic, true self.
  • It is a sign of courage. When we embrace ourselves for who we truly are, we become more resilient and brave
  • It strengthens relationships and it helps us create better and more meaningful connections
  • With vulnerability there’s room for empathy. By opening up and sharing feelings easier, you encourage other to do the same. In turn, we become more understanding.
  • Vulnerability can help us grow. When you accept the process of accepting uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure, it opens up the path for exploration, growth and lessons.

In our workshop Vulnerability we will dive deeper into the topic Vulnerability. Not only will we highlight the importance of Vulnerability, we will also put it into practice. Are you ready?

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