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The Play Mental Foundation is committed to improving mental health for teens and (young) adults. By sharing our own experiences, as well as offering professional insights, workshops and clinics, we want to create awareness for mental health issues.

We know what it is like to deal with restlessness, pressure, stress, depression and other mental obstacles. We want to give everyone we can reach the tools to deal with these setbacks, so that they can become the best versions of themselves.

We want you to know that you are not alone

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Our ambassadors

You may recognize our ambassadors from their successes and peak performances. But being a role model comes with huge responsibility and pressure. Behind the scenes, they also had to face their demons, struggle with expectations, hardships and misfortune and had to overcome their mental blocks.

After all, they are only human, just like you.


Ambassadors / founders
Gianni Zuiverloon &
Edson Braafheid


Sunnery James

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Jan van Halst


Ryan Babel


Gregory van der Wiel


Regi Blinker

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Our vision

Everyone deserves the opportunity and support to work through mental blocks and grow to be independent, successful and meaningful in society. We all have the right to discover our unique qualities and obtain the tools to reach our full potential.

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Our partners

Together, we can do more. Our partners enable Play Mental Foundation to reach more people and help us achieve our full potential. They are just as dedicated as we are. We share the same purpose: helping those that struggle with the issues related to their mental state.


Our team

The people behind the movement

Whether it is through our own experiences, analyzing extensive research or a combination of both: we know what it is like to be limited by our mental state of being. Hence we are inherently driven to help others with their struggle and therefore present our own experiences as case studies that people can learn from.

that matter

  • Globally, 1 IN 7 people suffer from one or more mental health issues.
  • 1 IN 3 high school students struggle with the pressure of living up to their expectations, their peers’ or someone else’s.
  • 1 IN 7 Dutch teens experience depressive symptoms accompanied by panic attacks, insomnia, low (school)performances or thoughts of suicide.
  • 4 IN 10 (young) adults indicate that they are less happy than before the Covid-19 pandemic.
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