I want to leave this world a better place for the next generation

Edson Braafheid / former professional football player / Founder


“Now I have the chance to turn my experiences into lessons for others”

“Throughout my career, I have gained experiences that I now want to put into good use. And with that leave the world better for generations to come. With the Play Mental Foundation, I want to ensure that the threshold for each individual to discuss mental problems is lowered.

“I know like no other that mental problems are a sensitive subject. With my family, I could always discuss everything openly, but I kept these issues to myself. This has caused me to make wrong choices on and off the pitch. I became super sensitive to all distractions outside of soccer and my performance as a footballer, but also as a human being, suffered as a result.”

Now I have the opportunity to transform my experiences and learning moments into lessons for others. So that they don’t, like me, keep those problems to themselves and therefore start making wrong choices.”

“In your mind, the situation is often much worse than in reality”


I want to show the positive consequences of talking to someone about your mental health


Edson Braafheid


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