Invite us for a motivational talk, workshop or sport clinic

We often get invited to give motivational talk, workshops or sports clinics at schools, (sports) associations or companies. Would you also like to attend one of our workshops at your school, sports association or company? Discuss it with your parents, teacher, tutor, trainer or HR Manager. They can ensure that we are invited to give a motivational talk, workshop or sports clinic.

Play Mental Foundation believes it is important to break the taboo about mental health and help you talk and deal with mental issues. We discuss topics such as dealing with stress, panic attacks, fear of failure, social pressure, loneliness, lack of motivation and focus.

Our approach is interactive; during our sessions we also use sports and games as a means to discuss difficult topics. In this way we teach you and your fellow students or colleagues to deal with setbacks, discipline, cooperation and creativity.


What do we offer?

Our approach
Our workshops are based on the following 5 pillars:



Role models and professionals provide building blocks on how to approach the world from the inside out and not the other way around. All pillars are focused on you, and not on what the outside world thinks of you.

Our workshops

  1. Motivational Talk by Edson Braafheid & Gianni Zuiverloon
  2. Session for Parents or Guardians
  3. Workshop Awareness
  4. Workshop Vulnerability
  5. Workshop Focus
  6. Workshop Discipline
  7. Workshop Resilience
  8. Sports clinic

Motivational Talk

Our very first workshop is a motivational talk by the founders of Play Mental, Edson Braafheid and Gianni Zuiverloon.

In this session, the former professional football players will share their personal story with the group in an accessible, candid way. Both Gianni and Edson, show their vulnerability and take the participants back to their challenging past. Not only fame and money but especially the difficulties, gloomy thoughts, loneliness, pressure and stress are discussed. By sharing this, they want to break the taboo about mental health and make it a topic for discussion. It will become clear why the founders set up the foundation and how the pillars (which will be covered in the other workshops) have helped them to become mentally resilient.

Duration: 120 min. including Q&A
Group size: 30 – 50 (larger group possible in consultation)


Information Parents/Guardians

We also believe that parents or guardians are an important part of the mental health and resilience of their children.

In this session we inform parents/guardians about the Play Mental approach and we discuss the content of the workshops. We will discuss how to support their children in their growth process. There is also room for parents/guardians to ask questions. This session takes place immediately after the motivational talk.

Duration: 120 min
Group size: max. 30 people


Workshop Awareness

The first workshop focuses on the pillar Awareness.
During this workshop we want to give the insight that mental health is an important part of our general health, productivity and happiness. The aim of the workshop is to normalize mental health and to create awareness around your own thoughts, emotions and behavior.

Under the guidance of a mental coach, the group members will come to the realization through personal examples, exercises and dialogue that they can control their own mental health and thus regain their strength.

Duration: 120 min
Group size: max. 30 people


Workshop Vulnerability

Workshop 2 focuses on the Vulnerability pillar.
To increase mental resilience, it is important to embrace who you are and what you really feel. During this workshop we will show you that showing your vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness.

Together we dismantle emotional myths about vulnerability and we look for different ways to be vulnerable and open. Shame is banned and we teach you to deal with it. We teach you to get up again, to be who you are and to feel good again.

Duration: 120 min
Group size: max. 30 people


Workshop Discipline

Workshop 3 focuses on the Discipline pillar.
Self-discipline is central during this workshop. Self-discipline can be learned and plays an extremely important role in achieving your goals. Together with the participants, we start working on personal short- and long-term goals via a ‘goals’ board. We provide tips & tricks. A toolbox will also be provided that can help you turn your goals into reality.

Duration: 120 min
Group size: max. 30 people


Workshop Focus

The focus of the 4th workshop is the Focus pillar.
How can you keep your focus in a world full of distractions? During this workshop we will tell you why focus is important and how you can develop or improve it. Small changes in daily habits can play a decisive role in your life. We provide you with a toolbox to better deal with all external influences and distractions. After several practical mindfulness exercises, the participants go home with new and important insights.

Duration: 120 min
Group size: max. 30 people


Workshop Resilience

The ultimate goal of all previous pillars is to strengthen mental resilience.
In this last workshop we will work on putting the aforementioned pillars into practice. By means of various exercises and role play, we show how you to apply the pillars in daily life. Recognizable situations such as stress, pressure, expectations and setbacks are discussed to test mental resilience. We then show how quickly applying the pillars can help recover from adversity.

Do you find it difficult to say what you REALLY want? In this workshop we help you to deal with these obstacles. You learn to deploy and apply the other pillars. The goal is that you can act stronger, more self-conscious and more resilient in certain situations.

Duration: 120 min
Group size: max. 30 people


Coming soon…


During our sports clinics you kill two birds with one stone. Get your mental grips on. In this way you develop your body and mind.

In each part of the clinic you work on a different basis of mental health: healthy, vulnerability, focus, discipline and resilience.



Our team

The people behind the movement

Whether it is through our own experiences, analyzing extensive research or a combination of both: we know what it is like to be limited by our mental state of being. Hence we are inherently driven to help others with their struggle and therefore present our own experiences as case studies that people can learn from.

that matter

  • Globally, 1 IN 7 people suffer from one or more mental health issues.
  • 1 IN 3 high school students struggle with the pressure of living up to their expectations, their peers’ or someone else’s.
  • 1 IN 7 Dutch teens experience depressive symptoms accompanied by panic attacks, insomnia, low (school)performances or thoughts of suicide.
  • 4 IN 10 (young) adults indicate that they are less happy than before the Covid-19 pandemic.