You may recognize our ambassadors from their successes and peak performances. However being a role model comes with huge responsibility and pressure.

Behind the scenes, our ambassadors also had to face their personal demons, struggle with expectations, hardships and misfortune, and had to overcome their own mental blocks.

We are proud to have them sharing their stories, insights, personal tips and mental struggles with us.

After all, they are only human, just like you.

Ambassadors overview


Gianni Zuiverloon

Ambassador / Founder  

“During my professional football career, I have had some major positive and negative experiences. If I had had someone in my life who would have stood by me in those moments, I would have made different choices. By opening up about our struggles and worries, we can be that person to others.”

Gianni’s story

Edson Braafheid

Ambassador / Founder  

“I want to make sure that the threshold for each individual is lowered to discuss mental problems. So that they do not, like me, keep those problems to themselves and therefore make the wrong decisions.”

Edson’s story

Lineth Beerensteyn


“Many people think you show weakness when you talk to a mental coach. But it’s actually a strength. I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with something they cannot solve on their own.”

Lineth’s story

Luna Bijl


“A lot of people think the modelling world is all travel and beautiful destinations. But no one sees all those hours you spend alone on a plane or in a hotel room. I’ve had times when I woke up and didn’t know where I was. Mentally, that’s tough.”

Luna Bijl

Sunnery James


“I completely ignored my own interests. Not listening to myself to find out what my real needs are. But if I had kept pushing myself, I would have ended up in a burnout. The first precursors were already visible.”

Sunnery’s story

Jan van Halst


“I always wanted to be liked by everyone. I wanted to please. Journalists, the public, the people at the club… When I realized that I had little influence over all of this, I was able to act more freely.”

Jan’s story

Ryan Babel


“I am always, consciously or unconsciously, concerned about what others might think of me. As a result, I have always felt the need to prove to others that I am better than they think I am.”

Ryan’s story

Regi Blinker


“As a football player and as an entrepreneur, you have to deal with a lot of performance pressure. I have mostly tried to deal with it on my own, which made it a lot harder for me to cope with.”

Regi’s story

Gregory van der Wiel


“I was good at being a football player, but that was not who I am as a person. I had this anger about injustice, sadness and disappointment inside me every day. There were so many emotions that I had bottled up. As a result, I started having panic attacks.”

Gregory’s story